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English times International English language institute. With the help of the ministry of education of Kurdistan region government and the university of United Kingdom (UK) and The United States of America U.S.A and Canada, Australia, and more than 16 other countries in the world. Agent agreement has been accepted in all the countries listed above to learn English language.

The English times institute offers

The English times institute offers a variety of English courses in Erbil. They have more than 6 centers for learning English in different locations in Erbil. The English Times Institute offers a discount of -35%. This discount has been offered by the ministry of education of the Kurdistan region and the University of the United Kingdom (UK).Even with this discount we offer one of the best English teaching styles in Erbil.

Contact Us

The head office of English Times is located on 60 meters street opposite of Franco Hariri stadium.

Address:Erbil, 60 meters street
Mobile No.: +964 (0) 750 777 1070                          +964 (0) 750 770 1073
E-mail: info@englishtimes.org

English Times

This Year the students who have become first or second in the institute will be sent outside of Erbil to learn the English language for free.